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App La Carte

Web, UI/UX, Logo

App La Carte creates easy-to-manage mobile apps for businesses.

Blog write-up,

Wolf 6

Web, UI/UX, Logo, WordPress, Front-End Dev

Wolf 6 is a collective of “tech geeks” that offers search engine optimization (SEO) and other inbound marketing solutions to clients. This project is currently a work-in-progress.


Web, Mobile, UI/UX, Logo

Knowmedge is an internal medicine ABIM exam-prep website catered to medical residents and internists.

National Australia Bank Digital Display

App, UI/UX

The National Australia Bank digital display is an interactive in-store information stand. Users can browse through brochures or email them to friends or to read later.

HP Point of Sale

App, UI/UX

The HP Point of Sale software is an interactive screensaver with a plethora of information for in-store browsers to use in case a store employee was not available.

Nokia N9 Digital Display

App, Flash, UI/UX

The N9 digital display is an interactive in-store animation and digital brochure for the Nokia N9.

National Bank Coin Deposit

App, UI

The National Bank coin deposit allows users to deposit coins into their accounts.


App, UI/UX

PhoneAdvisor is a simple prank app meant to amuse and/or annoy iPhone haters.



Web, Flash, App, UI/UX, Front-End Dev

Art Directed numerous projects, including major relaunches, and’s record-breaking 2008 US Presidential Election coverage. · 2008 Presidential Election · After Jesus · Rumsfeld

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