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Just finished a CMS and website redesign, lookin’ for more…

I’ve just completed a rather intense 3 weeks redesigning a CMS and a website. I did about 18 mockups in the span of the first 9 days. With such a tight deadline, I really had to utilize just about every shortcut tricks I could imagine. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome. I’ve always enjoyed web and mobile UI projects.

First up are a few of the finished website pages and a couple of CMS pages. Be sure to see below for the original website and CMS screenshots.






Case Studies:


CMS Dashboard:


CMS Gallery Creation:


Screenshots of the original website pages and a shot of the old CMS:

Speedometer HUD app

I’ve been very slowly working on a speedometer app with a friend. Below are a couple of design shots. The top image is based off of a Kia speedometer, and the bottom one is from a Lexus. These are pretty early designs.


Groovy Disco Doc

I’m super excited about the Knowmedge project that I’ve been working on. Much of it is still on the DL because it’s still in the early stages, but there are a few design pieces I’ve been able to share, which you can already see in the portfolio (home) section. A shot of the groovy doctor mascot for the Knowmedge site is in that portfolio, but there’s no doc image on this post, sorry ladies.

Below is a UI piece that I’m still working on. I love designing and tweaking UI almost as much as I love cupcakes, as evidenced by my belly.

(Background photo from the amazing Thom)